Friday, 27 July 2012

Will Darinne Ko be protected by the law?

Back in April, 48 men were prosecuted for paying for the sexual services of an underaged (below 18 years old) prostitute. Due to the girl being underaged, there was a gag order enforced by the court to prevent the name of the 17 years old ITE student "Steph" being made public.

Prominent lawyer Subhas Anadan said back then, “I objected to it [the gag order] on the basis that the provisions of the law do not protect people like her because she’s not a victim of rape or molest, and provisions do not apply.”

But with the "leaky" cyberspace these days, no gag order can be effectively enforced without the cooperation of the netizens.

Darinne Ko, the law student who allegedly had sex with NUS Law lecturer Prof Tey Tsun Hang in exchange for better grades, had apparently confided in a friend over her relationship with Prof Tey. The matter subsequently came to the attention of CPIB.
Despite being investigated since April, NUS has not suspended Prof Tey and allowed him to continue roaming the campus.

Details have surfaced that Darinne Ko initiated contact with Prof Tey and seduced him in exchange for superior grades. Tey now faces six counts of corruption while Darinne is not known to face any charges. Although both Darinne and "Steph" had an active and critical role to play in their respective cases, women are often more protected by Singapore law.

In addition to sexual favours, Tey allegedly received from Darinne a Mont Blanc pen worth S$740, two tailor-made shirts valued at S$236.20, an iPod Touch worth S$160 and payment of a bill amounting to S$1,278.60. It is not known if Darinne treated Tey to delicacies such as superior abalone; but with a law professor's five figure salary it is indeed unusual why such "cheap" gifts were given.

Like Kong Hee who said that he would be vindicated if his side of the story was heard, Prof Tey proclaimed, "I pray for a worthy trial -- a trial that allows the truth to come to light, a trial that allows me to vindicate myself."

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Update: Court documents have released the name of Darinne Ko. See report here.


Prof Tey Tsun Hang

ITE Student "Steph"


Anonymous said...

The girl is not charged because she has been turned the prosecution witness. For such cases, you need one party to testify against the other. You charge both, both deny, the case thrown out.

But why not the Prof be the witness against Darinne? I have no idea.

Tan Kok Tim said...

Those super elite heading for top positions in life, what is most important for them to stay the course and not end up in disgrace or behind bars? Excellent paper qualifications and all the As and the pips on their shoulders will not be enough.
I wrote sometime ago:
"Going forward, after the dust on these two CPIB high-profile cases involving the top-officers of SCDF and CNB has settled, I hope the Govt will make it compulsory for all students in gifted classes, and all new recipients of scholarships to be given intensive courses on ethical and EQ courses to prepare them for leadership roles in the future. It is sad when such elite persons who are super smart with straight As are not thoroughly prepared to resist temptations of both sex and money when they are placed in key positions in the civil service after graduation."
Some say that all Singaporeans have to be morally proper in their lifestyle, and not just applicable to the elites. However, we know that if the elites, holding positions of great significance with powers in their hands - driven by greed and lust, are unable to have their conscience in the right place regarding money and sex, they will affect many below them in society in a big way. By ending up in grief, what a loss to themselves and to their immediate families and loved ones.

Anonymous said...

what is the relevancy of steph photo? upload by mistake?

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remove the picture of the two girls in red, as the girl on the viewer's left is not involved. As this matter is sensitive, please do not involve the innocent.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

"It is not known if Darinne treated Tey to delicacies such as superior abalone;" Her delicious delicate abalone is more than enough to convict him for corruption! What more did he need?

James Lim said...

Nice hairy abalone!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you guys got the right photo?

The LinkedIn one seems legit, but i don't see the resemblance for one below?

Don't pray pray..she might be defended by Rajah & Tan and you'll be sued for defamation and misrepresentation leh..

Anonymous said...

i believe she is working in an US offshore firm in sg currently which starts with O. she will likely be working in the NY office soon. guess that is her escape route.