Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Photos of PRC policewoman exposed

Apparently these are the leaked photos of a PRC policewoman by the name of Wang Meng Xi. Not sure if it's a true story or just some sexy cosplay people...but I am sure you won't mind her protecting your life and property.

Kudos to the law enforcers!

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Shameful Japan still denying systematic sexual slavery in WW2

The term "comfort women" masks the lived reality of the approximately 200,000 Chinese women and girls kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II. (It is estimated that 400,000 women and girls from occupied countries such as Korea, China, and the Philippines were enslaved in total.) The term evokes a much more pleasant image than the survivors' stories do—harrowing tales of daily rape and torture, often ending in death or permanent injury. Many of these "women" were not women at all, but girls, pushed into the "comfort stations" as soon as they began menstruating.

The notion that men not only need access to women's bodies for sexual release but are entitled to them, particularly during wartime, was foundational to the existence of and justification for the comfort stations. According to researcher C. Sarah Soh, author of The Comfort Women: Sexual Violence and Postcolonial Memory in Korea and Japan, the comfort women system was viewed as a way "to control the troops through regulated access to sex."

For 70 years, the Chinese "comfort women" have been erased from Japan's postwar narrative. It is only recently that the human-rights violations committed against these women and girls have broken through into public conversation.

Dr. Peipei Qiu, author of Chinese Comfort Women: Testimonies from Imperial Japan's Sex Slaves, began to cry as I spoke with her over the phone. The stories are almost unbearable.

Qiu tells me that one of the survivors interviewed witnessed a woman and younger girl—just a teenager—buried alive. She watched as a soldier showered the teenager's body with dirt, stopping mid-task to laugh at her as she died.

Another survivor, Lei Guiying, was only nine when her hometown was occupied by Japanese soldiers. She witnessed the soldiers take the older girls—14 or 15 years old—away, sexually torture them, and leave them to die. Impoverished and begging on the streets, Guiying began working as a nanny and a maid in a comfort station in Tangshan. When she turned 13 and started menstruating, she was told: "Congratulations, you're a grown-up now," and sent off to a room where she was violently raped by a solider. She eventually managed to escape.

The book is the first in the English language that tells the stories of the Chinese women who were forced into sexual slavery during World War II. It includes the voices of 12 Chinese survivors who tell stories of being raped numerous times a day until they could no longer sit or walk. The women suffer from deep psychological trauma today, as well as headaches, memory loss, and other associated physical and medical problems. A number of the women have passed away since the book was published, still not having received compensation, acknowledgment, or justice.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Another AMDK being an arsehole in Singapore

What's new this Monday? Another Ang Mo Dua Ki acting like he owns the fucking road. This prick jammed his brakes and had the cheek to flick the middle finger at the other driver.

A driver who threatened another after he jammed his brakes suddenly is raising the ire of netizens.

The driver, a Caucasian, reportedly stopped his vehicle because he had missed a turn, citizen journalism website Stomp reported.

This prompted the driver behind him, whose wife was in the car with him, to honk at him, and ask: "What's wrong with you?"

To this, the driver who stopped suddenly replied: "Do you want to get hurt?"

When asked if he was threatening them, the man said "yeah" a few times, Stomp reported.

When the man said that he was going to take a photo of the Caucasian driver, the driver showed his middle finger to the man.

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It's a common thing here in Singapore. Ang Moh or white people acting like they are fucking big shots here in Asia when they are actually some fucking low-life back in their country. They are here for the Asian "fucking" adventure because they cannot cut it back home and some people here just worship them like they are some kind of fucking Greek god. Most of the jobs that they do can be done by a local but they have the talent of complicating what they do and making it sound like only they can do it. Most of the time we don't need them, and if the US and Europe was doing so good, why the fuck come out here?

One thing u can't teach a AMDK or a white trash is respect because they are simply just bloody monkeys driven by bananas and sex.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

International Sunday: Kim Elvira

International Sunday is a series of enticing pictures published on Sunday to reward workers in Singapore, regardless of nationality and ethnicity, on their off day. Search our archive for more offerings of International Sunday girls.

For this week, we go to Pinoy land for some "put tanks in the mall" with this hottie Kim Elivira. May not be the best looking Pinoy around but her long legs and "Ah Lian-ish" long flowing hair just rock my boat. Don't u like how she lets you sneak peek just a bit of her nipples? Take your time to scroll to the end and maybe your Sunday is sweating because of that. 

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