Friday, 1 August 2014

It's a shame that Sungei Rd Market has to go

It's a fucking shame if you ask me. Not only are these pioneers being chased away from their place of business and belonging, the government is not even offering them alternative sites. Is it so hard to lend a helping hand to these old folks? They are not even earning millions, so much for the pioneer generation package. Sad to say that Singapore always have space for another new shopping mall, another new tourist attraction, gardens by the bay, satay by the bay, hotels by the bay...fucking screw a FL by the bay...but we don't even have space for decent Singaporeans trying to make an honest living. 

Thank u Sungei Rd market, I will always miss those days when I bought old handphones, old records, repaired my watches there...chanced upon old Cat III HK movies...hahaha...

NEA turns down alternative sites traders suggested
By Melody Zaccheus, The Straits Times, 31 Jul 2014

AROUND eight decades of history seem set to come to an end for Sungei Road flea market.

As it has to make way for the Sungei Road MRT station, due to open in 2017, an association representing its 200 traders had suggested relocating to one of four alternative sites nearby.

However, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has rejected this - and not given it any explanation. When asked, NEA referred The Straits Times to the Urban Redevelopment Authority, which said the four sites have been zoned for parks and residential use under Master Plan 2014. They are next to Rochor River, at Kampong Bugis along Kallang River, behind Sim Lim Tower and a roadside near Jalan Kubor Malay cemetery.

The president of the Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods, Mr Koh Ah Koon, 73, received a letter from the NEA informing him of the decision last week. He passed on the bad news to members at a meeting on Monday. "Shutting down the market will mean taking away a source of income for many elderly folk here," he said. "Most of us have little education or are illiterate."

It could push some peddlers back to the ways of the past when they squatted illegally, he warned. At least 70 per cent of them are aged between 60 and 80. The market is open from 1pm to 7pm daily. Tourists, foreign workers and locals flock there on weekends to buy bits and bobs such as old coins, stamps, cassettes, jewellery, clothes and electronic gear.

Mr Loon Kwai Sng, 74, who sells electric parts, said: "Who will employ us? We're used to making a living on our own."

Father of three Ng Gin Kun, 62, who sells used phones, said: "We want the chance to fend for ourselves and be independent."

The letter stated that the NEA and other agencies will work with vendors and match them with financial assistance schemes.

The NEA had previously said the peddlers can bid for hawker centre stalls. But Mr Koh said: "We're not selling food, so a hawker stall space makes little sense. We shouldn't be split up either. It's the variety of goods that helps make the market unique."

The association's proposal, sent to government agencies in April last year, stated that it would take responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness and security of whatever space it used.

At present, the NEA makes daily checks to stop illegal hawking activities outside the zone and the sale of prohibited goods within it.

Central Singapore District mayor Denise Phua urged the Government to put together an inter-ministry work group "capable of making decisions on the vision and desired purpose of such a market, who their stakeholders are and their real needs and motivations".

As well as older traders in need of social aid, there are some opportunistic traders who are attracted to the Jalan Besar market because of its rent-free and city location.

Residents have complained about the market. One grouse is about traders who store goods in their void decks. However, Rowell Road resident Mardene Tay, 57, who has lived there for 30 years, said: "It was worse in the past. Today, cleaners clear up the mess shortly after they close, so I don't mind it that much. After all, the peddlers are just trying to earn a living."

Singapore Heritage Society president Chua Ai Lin said the market is a good example of a functioning community and economic system and a facet of Singapore's rich and diverse urban life.

It was documented by the National Heritage Board last year.

She will see you to the weekend

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Local writing talents

A funny erotic story I read recently written by a young Sg these days are getting talented. Read it below....

Ten hours later, 10 pm, and I step into MBS, dressed in what has to be the most out-of-place outfit ever. Next to me is my new counterpart, Steph, and we're both in the uniform of our JC, ties and collarpins in place, looking like innocent students wandering around MBS at night, which of course doesn't make sense, but to Judith and her friends, it makes perfect sense. That bitch sure has money, I think to myself as I head towards the lift lobby. Steph remains silent as we take the elevator up to the room that we were instructed to go to, clutching her pile of books under her arm, as though it will offer her some small protection from what's about to happen to her.

We walk up to the room, and I knock on the door. "Judith? It's us. Open the door." I call, a resigned look on my face, as Steph fidgets behind me.

"Take off your shirt first."


"You heard me, bitch. Take off your shirt. Oh wait, no, have Steph strip your blouse off in the corridor. Hurry up." Judith laughs, from behind the door. I look at Steph, and she nods, resigned, as she places her books and bag on the floor, then begins to undo my blouse, quickly pulling it off, leaving me in just my black bra and my tie hanging loosely between my breasts.

"Alright, that was just for fun. Come in." Judith grins, pulling the door open. I walk in, Steph trailing behind, noticing two men sitting in the room, heavily tattooed, and naked. Internally, I'm groaning to myself, knowing that this is yet another round of Judith's bullshit, but outside, I remain stoic, determined not to show her any emotion to make her happy.

"I lost a bit of money this week, and these guys wanted me to pay up with my body, but I offered them something better. Don't worry, I've done the standard checks for anything that might ruin my toys, and they're clean,'re going to do anything they want until tomorrow morning." Judith waves us over to the bed, as we stand there, Steph still in her uniform, trying not to break down into tears (she cries a lot, by the way. I think she's still not used to this.) and me, standing next to her, trying not to give my weary, annoyed look (which usually earns me a few slaps).

"You. The tanned girl." The first man, with a huge dragon across his chest, points at me.

"Yes...Sir?" I grit my teeth, forcing myself to be polite, knowing my track record for being "insolent" and being punished for it.

"Strip off everything except your tie. Hurry up." He grins at me. I pull off my bra, dropping it to one side, then pull off my skirt and my panties, trying to sway my hips as I do so, in a practised manner learnt from being forced to perform stripteases countless times. I finish removing everything but the tie (is it some fetish?), and then stand there, naked, except for the little strip of black cloth hanging between my breasts with the school logo embroidered on it.

"Kneel down and lick my lam pa. Now." He orders, pointing at his groin. I sigh to myself and kneel down, then place both hands on his thighs and begin licking his balls, tasting the sweaty, unwashed taste and fighting not to gag at it, as he places one hand on my head, holding me there as I continue moving my tongue over his balls.

Read the rest of the blog here.

Lunch trick or treat

Sometimes during lunch, I just wanna check into somewhere private, quiet and hold u tight. Mirrors, lotsa mirrors everywhere, sunlight rushing in to the many you(s) and the many me(s) while the skyline gazes over us. The city conquers me and I shall conquer you. Please do not rush. Leave your hair resting on me when you are done. Later, we shall go back to our cubicles and go on pretending with our lives.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Photographer of Tenashar says she is lying and reposts her nudies again

So a few months ago, the photographer who took the nudies of DJ Tenashar messaged me and confirmed that the copyright of those nudies belong to him. Ben Heys is pretty pissed that Tenashar is telling lies about him. Glad that he cleared it out by writing this blog post and also to prove that he owns the nudies photos, he posted them on his blog. [Try clicking here too.] 

Click here here here and here for older postings on this story. 

So this is what Ben Heys wrote: 

It all started a few years ago when I worked with a model known as Tenashar, full name Debbie Long, from Singapore. The deal was that I would pay for her international travel, food, accommodation and give her a couple hundred on top for some work involving work up to art nude. At that time I was putting together an art nude gallery site ( which no longer exists now but at the time Debbie was fully aware of how her photos were to be used, including in that site. She agreed to sign a full commercial model release, which she did in fact sign agreeing to my use of her images, including the nudes for any purposes what so ever.

Now all of this TRUTH is in start contrast to many of the remarks made in this published conversation over on Singapore Hall of Shame: here. I also recently checked my spam folder at facebook and found some messages from a print journalist that had requested my side of the story but when I didn’t respond ran the story IN PRINT with only her lies.

But not content to merely lie about me, and suggest that I sell photos that have been taken under a domestic arrangement suppossedly for her own personal use, she actually went to the extent of making up a completely fabricated “contract” apparently signed by me. Only she didn’t even bother to try to match “my signature” to my real signature, which she had a copy of in the form of her copy of the model release we’d both signed (for real) back around when we did the shoot. The fraudulent document can be seen here: here.

It is true that sometime after publishing the images on my art nude gallery site Tenashar got cold feet and asked me to pull them down, she offered to exchange some money for this and I agreed to an amount that roughly covered what I’d given her and paid for flights etc. But I quite firmly stated that this was merely to remove the shots from that one nude-dominated gallery site and agree not to post them to other such sites, conditions which I have adhered to strictly. I also made it clear that because she was not reimbursing me for absolutely all the costs of the shoot nor my time I would still retain ownership of the images and would still be able to use them for things such as folios, print projects, folio sites, personal blogs & projects etc. In effect the shoot became a tfp shoot with a commercial release and some “gentleman’s agreement” stipulations.

A while back I got a couple odd messages from Tenashar’s email & facebook accounts, accusing me of selling her images to porn sites etc. When I replied (multiple times) that I’d done no such thing & tried to talk to her more about it I just got no reply. But now that I see these stories pop up and find removed images of her’s all over the internet it makes more sense. Put that together with her very recent posing for Playboy and it seems she was aiming to minimise the nudes of her already out there so that she could ask for more money.

Also for those of you who might think I’m a horrible guy for posting these images, they are already out there, many places. So are her lies about me. I’m not putting out photos that aren’t there, I’m just telling the truth of the story.

Now a word to Tenashar when you inevitably read this: As is my custom and as you’ll remember all of these negotiations were done by email, NOT phone for a good reason, as is also my custom I have never deleted a single email exchanged with a model, ever, including you. I have proof sitting on google’s servers that this story happened just the way I said it did and I have your signed model release, that one really IS your signature. I thus have proof of your fraud and your slander.

I’m happy to let sleeping dogs lay as it is. You’ve slandered me but I’ve had my say now, anyone particularly interested in this story should be able to google this page pretty soon and find the truth. If you want to take it any further be my guest, you won’t like where it goes. Like I said I have all the proof I need to back up every word I’ve said.

For those interested these are some of the beautiful images that were taken that trip: click here or here to view the nudies and the full blog post.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

International Sunday: To HK with Chrissie Chau

International Sunday is a series of enticing pictures published on Sunday to reward workers in Singapore, regardless of nationality and ethnicity, on their off day. Search our archive for more offerings of International Sunday girls.

This week we are going to HK with lingerie model Chrissie Chau; she's one of my fave Asian model. So damn hot!

Chrissie Chau (born 22 May 1985 in Chaozhou, Guangdong) is a Chinese actress and celebrity model from Hong Kong. Chau achieved widespread fame after the release of her portrait albums in 2009 and 2010. Her film career began after her starring in the horror film Womb Ghosts (2009);

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